Our Partners

Diversification of raw material supply

As one of the world’s largest agricultural hubs, Southeast Asia presents a scalable and consistent multi-country supply of agricultural by-products. Through extensive networks across farmers, social cooperatives and major producers, this would accelerate our access to our raw materials.


We are collaborating with Siam Agro-Food Industry (SAICO), the world’s fourth largest pineapple cannery producer, to procure pineapple leaf fibre (PALF). At the same time, there are plans to source more pineapple leaves and other types of agricultural waste.


We are partnering with farmer groups, as well as the world’s largest coconut producer, Sambu Group, to retrieve coconut husks for our cocopeat and coir fiber. Similar to Thailand, there are plans to source more coconut husks and other types of agricultural waste such as pineapple leaves.

We are continuously seeking agricultural by-products and other natural fibres in other parts of Southeast Asia.