Towards a Waste-Free World with Nextevo

Envisioning a waste-free world starts with a circular economy, based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping materials in use, and regenerating our natural environment.


Sourced sustainably, our
raw materials include
agricultural byproducts and
cultivated alternative
natural fibers.
Our sustainable innovative
products are crafted with
the focus on minimizing
waste and optimizing the
use of natural fibers.
Empowering consumers with
end-products that are highly
durable and made to last for
With zero-waste philosophy
in mind, we manage our
resources efficiently by
repurposing residues into
new innovative products.

We are constantly exploring new product applications and driving process improvement productivity to new heights. Our current collaborations with world-renowned R&D institutions in Singapore and Europe aim to forge breakthroughs to propel us into a realm of excellence.

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