Our Sustainability Story

Climate change is real. Since the industrial revolution, irresponsible manufacturing and consumption have damaged our planet, stripping off natural resources and introducing pollutants into the air, water and land. Public awareness on these issues has increased in recent years, with the UN crafting a series of 17 SDGs to reverse the situation.

NEXTEVO strongly supports such a blueprint, that is why we have made sustainability our business. All raw materials, processes and practices involved in creating our materials/products are designed to be in line with five key SDGs, from source to consumer.

With the focus on People and Planet, our efforts have helped to:

Unethical disposal of coconut husks into the river bank

1) Fight Climate Change

Agricultural by-products such as coconut husks and pineapple leaves are generated when planted for their fruit. Therefore, no extra land, water and other resources are required to cultivate our raw materials. At the same time, by-products do not compete with other agricultural ecosystems for these resources, thus sharing carbon and water footprints. Through the collection of agricultural waste, farmers are prevented from discarding them in unethical ways, such as burning or dumping into rivers. 


(2) Supplement farmers’ incomes

Many farmers in Southeast Asia are struggling for better livelihoods. By collecting the agricultural waste that would otherwise be discarded, this would supplement the farmers’ income.


(3) Provide sustainable alternatives to manufacturers and consumers

Our product offerings, while being natural and environmentally-friendly, adhere to strict quality control.


(4) Design innovative solutions to increase content of  agricultural waste in materials/products

Ultimately, the aim is to provide consumers with sustainable options for greener living. We aim to create more innovative, sustainable value-added materials/products made from agricultural waste and its production waste.


(5) Improve soil conditions using agricultural waste to boost crop productivity

Alongside climate change impacts, increasing food demands due to population growth and depleting arable cropland are threatening food security. Cocopeat, a sustainable option for soil amendments, can drive yield productivity for horticultural, floricultural, landscaping and greenhouse purposes.