Soil Amendments

As a result of climate change, the world’s croplands and food security have been heavily implicated. Large-scale deforestation and the loss of peatlands are degrading the soil quality especially in agricultural hubs across the world. The lack of arable soil conditions has therefore threatened existing global food demand, not to mention the long-term additions due to population growth.

In particular, peat moss extracted from peatlands are a vital ingredient to boost yield productivity. Not only is it used for germination, but also the maintenance of crop quality in greenhouse and cropland settings. Yet, the extensive cultivation of peat moss for both agricultural and horticultural purposes has resulted in soil acidification and land degradation of the surroundings.

Here at NEXTEVO, we provide a Sustainable Soil Amendment solution through the use of cocopeat for horticultural, floricultural, landscaping and greenhouse purposes.

Made from coconut husks, our cocopeat product is a renewable and sustainable alternative to peat moss. This helps to prevent continuous loss of the planet’s top soil and to strengthen food security through crop yield productivity.

With a strong inclination towards healthier food preferences today, there is a growing demand for coconut-based food products, and hence a growth of coconut husk waste generated. At 17.1 million tonnes per year, Indonesia is the world’s largest coconut producer. Currently, NEXTEVO Indonesia is collaborating with farmer groups and Sambu Group for coconut husk waste collection and we will begin processing in Q2 2022.

Through the collection and purchase of coconut husks, farmers get to supplement their income while avoiding unethical waste disposal practices into nearby water bodies or burning.

Product Offering:



Cocopeat is a non-fibrous, spongy and lightweight material that holds together the coir fiber within the coconut husk. It is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable, with its key feature as a soil amendment to improve soil texture and moisture retention. Cocopeat also has good oxygenated properties vital for healthy root development.

Most importantly, with its ease of handling, it is applicable for industrial purposes such as  horticultural, floricultural, landscaping and greenhouse settings, as well as home gardening.

4 soil amendment applications:









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